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At the Foot of the Cross {From No Greater Sacrifice} lyrics

CD Title: Moments for the Heart: The Very Best of Ray Boltz Volume 2

Ray Boltz

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They were watching from a distance
And they could not
Take their eyes from You
You were bleeding
They were weeping
Faithful sisters, they had followed you
They did not understand
They could not see
They were mourning their loss
As the sky turned black
And the Earth turned red
At the foot of the cross

He was standing near your mother
They were so close
They could hear you sighing
All around them angry voices
Pierced the darkness
And you were dying
But they would not leave
They lingered there
No matter the cost
They were staying
And they were praying
At the foot of the cross

Keep me near the cross
Near the cross
May I never stray so far
That I cannot see
What flowed down for me
At the foot of the cross

Now I?m standing in your presence
And I cannot take my eyes from you
You have risen I?m forgiven
Precious Saviour, oh I worship you
No I?m not looking back
I?ve heard your voice
And I?m staying here
I?ve made my choice
For now it?s real, now I kneel
At the foot of the cross

CHORUS (repeat 2X)