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Revive Us (Urban Remix) [Urban Remix] lyrics

CD Title: Anointed


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Ready or not change is comin'
Can you feel the spirit risin' in you
Has it been awhile
Since you've felt the fire and passion and joy anew
Are you ready for a revelation?
We all know that there is so much more
We're in need of His inspiration
Can't wait another day
Gotta have it right away

Revive us again
Revive us again
Restore the joy of our salvation
Revive us again
Revive us again
Renew life within
Revive us, ooooh

Love is alive and exciting
If we only let it take control
Drink from the fountain, it's so inviting
It will strengthen and refresh your soul
Nothing can stop this revolution
When we're determined to see it through
If we believe that there is one solution
You know His name is Jesus
He is the one to free us


Lord we need You to revive us
Let it not just begin
But let it just go on and on and never come to an end